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What Is Testogen?

testogen testosterone booster Testogen is testosterone supplements used especially for you who need to be a full man once again. What does it mean? Well, as your age increase, the amount of testosterone in your body gets lowered. Testosterone is hormone in every man (and woman) that controls stamina, strength, sex drive, and muscle mass.

By consuming the Testogen testosterone booster, the number of your testosterone levels will be increased again. Therefore, your muscle size, libido, stamina, strength, and focus will be improved followed by losing tiredness and excessive body fat. Also, Testogen will let you enjoy your life once again, away from the bad habit of laziness.

How Does It Work?

Testosterone is a hormone that has been with a man since the day he was born. Yet, as time goes by its amount is starting to decrease; causing depression and tiredness, fat around your ways is starting to build up, failing libido, and also your concentration is not like the way it’s used to be.

This supplement is the best male testosterone booster because it is actually working well. The ingredients are natural and their effects are very useful. The ingredients of Testogen are proven by some studies to have a great effect in boosting and increasing libido, focus, concentration, strength, stamina, and muscle mass.


When to Use It?

The best time to use Testogen is after you had your meal. Unlike other food supplement to gain body mass, you don’t have to take this supplement after workout. Also, Testogen can be consumed up to 4 pills in one day. But make sure that you have eaten before to prevent bad things to happen to your stomach. Also, the natural ingredients from this supplement make it safe to be consumed; you don’t have to worry about any chemical reaction that may endanger your body.


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Testogen is a great food supplement to boost your testosterone level. Therefore, it can only be done thanks to the eight natural ingredients consisted in Testogen. These ingredients are safe to be consumed. If you want to know more how these eight ingredients have their each effect, check out these following points:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
    This ingredient is an acid used as a boosting in producing hormones and stimulating the testosterone. Then, your stamina and strength will rise followed by increasing metabolism of your body and as a result, your libido is increased.
  • Fenugreek
    This natural ingredient is known for enhancing a man’s stamina, strength, vitality, and also it can increase insulin release to increase muscle. Also, this herb has antioxidant that helps your body to stay healthy.
  • Ginseng Extract
    Ginseng is an herb that increases your libido. This herb is also able to protect the testes from dioxins. Also, ginseng extract will increase your mood; physically and mentally.
  • Selenium
    Selenium is a trace mineral and it is a natural ingredient that can be found in the soil. Selenium gives your body proper processes by increasing the effects of antioxidant, eliminate toxically and keep your blood pressure steady.
  • Tribulus Terrestris
    This herb is has been used in Asia as a medicine. It contains steroidal saponin and it is known as an herb that is able to boost your testosterone qualities and also it has the ability to help build reproductive tissue and muscle.
  • Vitamin B
    There are vitamin B2, B5, and B6 in Testogen. Vitamin B2 has the property to increase energy production, B5 supports the adrenal gland and helps your body to increase your energy; B6 has the property to increase amino acid metabolism and it can make you feel good.
  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D that consisted of a Testogen helps to slow down the testosterone while it is converting into estrogen. Vitamin D also has the property to increase your testosterone level.
  • Zinc Gluconate
    This substance is responsible for your body to work out properly. This substance can be lost through sweat. Therefore, consuming Testogen will help keeping this substance stable.

UPDATE 15-05-2018
NEW INGREEDIENTS: Boron, Vitamin K1, Nettle Leaf Extarct, Bioperine, Magnesium



These are the benefits of using Testogen; the first is to strengthen and increase strength and stamina followed by improved muscle mass. It also sharpens your focus and performance, both physically and mentally.

Then it can increase your libido, living motivation, and muscle tone. Next, it helps reducing body fat around the waist and cholesterol.

Finally, it can help to banish irritability, tiredness, and also stabilize blood pressure.
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How to Use It

If you have Testogen already and you are about to drink it, make sure that you have had your meal. Based on its official website, this supplement can be consumed the maximum of four pills after a meal for a day. Yet, you need to give it a break for one day. But, you can decrease the dose into one up to two pills a day so that you can consume it every day.

Why Choose Testogen

Like what has mentioned above, Testogen has eight natural ingredients with no chemical reaction that is safe for your body. Testogen is great for you who have reached your 40’s yet you want to feel like you are still in your 20’s. It is a legal product and can be purchased through its official website. Testogen is surely 100% safe to be used and it has no side effects.

Stacking & Pricing

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There are 3 choices that you can choose in Testogen official website to order this supplement online. The first is you can buy 1 (one month supply) for $59.99, you can also buy 2 (two month supply) and Get 1 Free for $119.99 or BUY 3 GET 2 FREE only $179.99 for this package.

Pros and Cons


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Safe to use and no side effect
  • Affordable price
  • Has many benefits
  • Free shipping worldwide


  • Half of the bottle is filled with cotton to make it look full
  • Only available online
  • Not suitable for young adults


testogen testosterone supplement Testogen is a great supplement to boost the testosterone levels and there are many reviews already about how this product works just great. Also, it is made with natural ingredients with many benefits and no side effects.

The price is affordable and the most important thing, it works. Even so, there are many cons of this product. Yet, it has no effect on its uses and performances. Therefore, Testogen is safe 100% and it is highly recommended.

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